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What we love about Nafplion (our ultimate favorites)

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Bougainvillea and a Vespa

The thing you notice at the first glimpse of Nafplion is how charming it is. This little town of Peloponnese is as it has just come out of a fairy tale and while walking down its small roads, you will feel like time traveling in the past. Nafplion has a historical significance for the Greeks, as it was the first capital of Greece after Independence, but at the same time is a very popular holiday destination during all the seasons. So let’s take a stroll around Nafplion and discover its secrets!

#1 The castle of Bourtzi

Undoubtedly, the most photographed landscape in Nafplion is the water castle of Bourtzi. It is located on a small island, in the middle of the sea and, guess what, the only way to reach it is by a small boat. It has three floors and it has been a prison, a hotel and a restaurant in the past, but nowadays it holds many cultural and musical events and it is one of the most famous sites of Nafplion.

#2 The Old Town

The picturesque town of Nafplio

This is the center of Nafplion and it will be the starting point of your amazing journey. It is full of little colorful corners, little streets, Greek taverns, and coffee shops. Full of neoclassical houses and buildings, Nafplion is a photography paradise with unlimited picturesque corners. Tip: One of the best ways to explore the town of Nafplion is by bike. So, don’t hesitate to rent a bike and stroll around, it is a unique experience.

#3 The fortress of Palamidipalamidi fortress nafplion

Probably the most impressive thing to see in Nafplion is the fortress of Palamidi, which is a huge Venetian castle with a breathtaking view of the Argolic Gulf. The historic chapel of Saint Andrew is also located there. If you love hiking, then Palamidi is a great destination to reach, using the stairs with the 999, according to tradition, steps. Tip: Why don’t you count them on your own, to see if the legend is true?

#4 The beachfront promenade and the castle of Acronafplia

Hidden photogenic spots in Acronafplia castle.

Strolling across the beachfront path that connects the town with Arvanitia beach is a must for every visitor of this picturesque coastal town. The views of the sea, the bushes of prickly pears that are everywhere and the ruins of Acronafplia castle make the perfect match for long walks.

#5 The beaches

The beautiful waters of Arvanitia beach in the town of Nafplio.

Arvanitia and Karathona are the beaches of Nafplion town. Arvanitia can be easily reached on foot whereas for Karathona you will need to take the local bus for a short ride. Of course there are many more beaches in the wider region such as Tolo, Assini, Kandia and Kondyli and many many more.

#6 Boutique hotels

Lovely boutique hotels in the town of Nafplio

The old town of Nafplion is full of boutique hotels. Old, aristocratic, neoclassical mansions have been renovated and turned into small, beautiful, designed hotels.

The Grand Sarai: This 17th Century mansion is located in the old town. It was built around 1685-1715 and served as a former administrative building after the Greek independence war or 1821. Nowadays, it houses some of the most beautiful luxury suites in the city.

Nafsimedon Hotel: This neoclassical house is one of the few to have a small garden with palm trees. It’s location is idyllic since it is close to Kapodostria square and Kolokotronis park.

Anymone & Adiandi: This funky boutique hotel with modern colourful decorations is a charm. New couples and alternative travelers love it!

Impero luxury suites: 7 luxury suites very close to the beachfront promenade of Nafplio will offer you a dreamy accommodation!

>Check out more hotels in Nafplio.

#7 The wider Argolis region

Kondyli beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Argolis

Nafplio is an ideal base for some further exploration of Argolida region. Mycenae and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus are two of the most significant archaeological sites of Greece and are located less than 30 minutes away form the town. Organising a visit there is mandatory! Furthermore, many coastal towns such as Astros, Tolo, Porto Heli are very close while the region offers a plethora of beaches too.

#8 The local tastes

Nafplion produces a lot of local products and foods that you definitely have to taste. Take home with you the different kinds of homemade pasta, such as traditional trachanas and taste fresh fish and seafood at the local taverns. Tip: If you are a meat lover, then you have to try the roasted gourounopoula, which is basically roasted pig.

Nafplion has way more things to fall in love with! You need to discover them on your own. The time to visit Nafplion is NOW!

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