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Visiting Athens with kids

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Being the capital city of Greece, Athens is full of opportunities! There are so many things to do that no matter how long you are staying, it is certain that you will not get bored. The city has great weather at any time of the year, with sunny days even during the autumn or the relatively mild winter months. Athens is considered one of the best family destinations, since a wide variety of fun activities that are suitable for the whole family are available: from archeological sites and museums, to zoos, amusements parks and more! Below, you will discover some of the city’s best family-friendly facilities that guarantee a fun time for visitors of any age.

Best things to do in Athens with kids

A visit to the Acropolis

The Acropolis is a must-visit when travelling to Athens

As the most significant archeological monument in Greece, Acropolis is a must for every traveller who arrives at the city. A visit there is recommended for visitors of any age and although you will have to hike for a while, getting up there is relatively easy and the views are truly rewarding! At the site, children will admire some of the most important archeological ruins in the world. An open-air history lesson about Mythology, Philosophy and Democracy to remember for a lifetime! 

> Book a skip-the-line ticket to the Acropolis to avoid long queues and save time and energy, especially when travelling with kids.

A visit to the Archaeological museum

After visiting the Acropolis, the next best thing to do in order to learn more about the city’s ancient history is going to see the Archaeological Museum of Athens. The museum is full of impressive archeological findings from different time periods, including well-preserved statues, ancient pottery and more. Walking around the museum, you will have the opportunity to get more familiar with the most interesting aspects of the ancient world and a visit there is the perfect opportunity to teach kids about the birthplace of the western civilization.

> Remember to book a skip-the-line-ticket to the Archaeological museum to prevent tantrums!

A visit to the museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions intrigue children's fantasy.

(c) Museum of Illusions

History and Archaeology are fascinating but the museum of Illusions is pure fun! The newly founded Museum of Illusions is one the city’s youngest museums and it quickly became quite popular, especially among young people and children, since it offers an out-of-the-ordinary experience. The surreal atmosphere and its unusual exhibits guarantee a fascinating adventure, confusing your senses and altering your perception! Both young and older visitors will certainly love it.

> Book your ticket in advance to secure your spot.

A fun day at Aquapolis

Kids have fun at the Aquapolis

(c) Aquapolis

Take a break from the busy city center and get ready to have fun at the challenging waterslides and games of Aquapolis! Being the largest waterpark in Athens, the recently founded Aquapolis is the best place to visit during a hot summer day. Located near Spata and the Airport, the waterpark is easy to reach by car in about 50 minutes from Athens city center. Its facilities are modern and safe, ensuring a carefree experience and a fun family time. A parking lot can be found right outside, while besides the water games, swimming pools and a snack bar are also available.

Explore nature at Adventure park

Adventure park, escape in nature.

(c) Adventure park

Escape from the city and visit Adventure Park to get active and reconnect with nature! Adventure Park is located about an hour away from Athens by car and it is the perfect place for those who enjoy getting adventurous and exploring the forest. The visitors will be able to choose from a wide variety of activities and there are a few difficulty levels for each game. Archery, climbing, trampoline, zip line, team games and many more activities are available, not only for children, but for adults as well.

Go to the Zoo

Attica park hosts many different animals

(c) Attica Park

When thinking about kid-friendly activities, zoos are always an amazing option! Attica Park is the largest zoo in Greece, housing hundreds of animals from all around the world, including mammals, reptiles, dolphins and birds. Guided tours are offered and numerous family-friendly activities are available, providing the opportunity to spend time with animals you’ve never seen before! A cafe and a gift shop can also be found at the zoo.

Watch a play about Greek Mythology 

Who doesn’t love the intriguing stories of Greek mythology? Koilon Theatre brings the most fascinating aspects of ancient comedies and tragedies to life, offering an amazing spectacle to visitors of any age. It is situated near the Acropolis and during the performances, costumes and masks designed in an authentic ancient Greek style are used to preserve the ancient theatre performance culture.

> Book your tickets

Family Hotels in Athens

Hotels for family trips in Athens


Located near the city center of Athens and only a few meters away from “Evangelismos” metro station, Hilton hotel is a great accommodation option for families who are seeking a luxurious experience of accommodation in the heart of the city. Hilton provides a wide variety of excellent facilities, including a fine dining restaurant, a bar and a spa center. Its spacious rooms have a modern style and many of them come with amazing city views.

The Foundry suites 

The Foundry Suites offers you the opportunity to stay in the liveliest part of the city center, with great views of the urban surroundings. Each suite has a unique interior design based on the industrial style and all the apartments are family-friendly. A terrace with a roof garden is available at the hotel, adding a refreshing hint of green to the cityscape. 

Four Seasons 

Offering beachfront accommodation in the most beautiful part of the area of Vouliagmeni, Four Seasons will allow you to experience the beauty of Athens Riviera. Ideally designed for luxurious accommodation, the resort provides rooms, suites villas and bungalows with a bright atmosphere and a modern style. Dining facilities, a fully equipped gym and private swimming pools are included among the hotel’s facilities.

Dolce Athens Attica Riviera 

The waterfront resort Dolce Athens Attica Riviera provides family suites and villas surrounded by dense greenery in the peaceful area of Vravrona. This family friendly hotel has direct access to the beach while it is located only a short drive away from the zoo and the Aquapolis water park. You will discover a wide variety of facilities that guarantee a fun time for the whole family at the hotel, including a swimming pool, a gym, a spa center, sport facilities and more. Depending on the accommodation unit you choose, you may also have access to a private pool or hot tub.

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