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The Man and the Dolphin: A Touching Story

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Three years ago, on a sunny day during the first lockdown COVID-19 had entrained, we decided to visit Sounio for a few-hour trip.
An isolated beach intrigued us and we decided to have some moments of relaxation near the sea.
As we walked the descending path that led to the shore, we saw a man in his diving suit. We introduced ourselves since we were the only people around.

He told us that his name was Philip and, after a couple of minutes of chatting, he informed us that he visited the beach once a week. The reason behind this habit of his is that, a few months ago, he had met a dolphin at the exact same spot we were in. His story was quite exciting and interesting so we tried to learn about him and the dolphin. He confided to us that that there was a bond between him and the beautiful marine creature. He doesn’t meet it every time he is at the beach, but whenever it appears, it recognizes him, swims with him, and lets him caress it.

We met Philip a few days ago by chance during a stroll in the alleys of Psiri. The first thing that came into our minds was to ask him about the dolphin. He informed us that he keeps visiting the beach once per week and sees his friends. We told him how lucky we think he is for experiencing such a thing, and he promised he would send us some pictures.
As you can see below, he kept his promise!

Selfie of Philip and the dolphin

Philip's interaction with the dolphin

The dolphin posing from the seabed

The dolphin swimming close to the surface of the sea

The dolphin moving towards the man

The dolphin swimming vertically towards the surface of the sea

The dolphin's fin emerging from the water

Philip, you are such a lucky guy! We hope that your friendship will continue as long as possible!

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