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Best boat tours in Santorini

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Boat tours are one of the top things to do in Santorini, as they allow you to connect with the Aegean Sea and spend time exploring around the island! They are a must if you wish to visit the famous Volcano of Santorini and the hot springs, as well as other volcanic islets that are located nearby, including Palea Kameni and Thirassia. There are various types of boat tours available for different prices, on different vessels, from traditional fishing boats to luxury catamarans, offering not only sailing tours but also snorkelling, fishing, wine tasting, traditional dining and other activities.

Below, you will discover a selection of the best boat tours in Santorini to choose from for your holiday. Booking in advance is necessary, as they almost always sell out.

One-day boat trip

Boat tour will take you to the volcano

Providing a pick-up with the tour bus at your hotel, this boat tour starts at the port of Athinios. You will firstly visit the famous volcano (Nea Kameni) island and go on a short hike to its crater. The tour also includes a visit to Palea Kameni islet and a swim in its hot springs, as well as a visit to the island of Thirasia. There, you will have plenty of time to discover this lovely island, stroll around its quaint main village and have lunch. When going back to Santorini in the evening, you will head towards Oia to watch the sunset. Hotel transfers are included and there is a tour guide. The tour starts at 9 AM and costs about €44 per person.


Santorini: Catamaran Cruise, Winery, & Oia Sunset Combo Tour

Cruise and wine, the best combination!

Combine a catamaran cruise with wine tasting and a sunset-gazing evening in Oia village to get the best of Santorini in one day! The tour lasts approximately 10 hours and hotel pick-ups and drop-offs are included.

The sailing cruise is 5-hours long and it starts at 8:30 AM, for approximately €150 per person. You will visit amazing places to swim and snorkel, including volcanic beaches and the hot springs. A barbecue lunch with wine or refreshments will also be available on the boat and snorkelling equipment is provided as well.

As soon as you are back in Santorini and before going to Oia castle for the sunset, you will visit Venetsanos winery, one of the most prominent wineries on the island, the wine museum and a bar in order to taste some of Santorini’s finest wines.


Luxury small group Catamaran

Luxury and privacy on a boat tour

This luxury catamaran tour lasts 5 hours and will allow you to swim in some of the most beautiful spots around Santorini! The tour is operated for a maximum of 20 people which creates a private atmosphere. The vessel itself is also luxurious with designed indoors and outdoors areas.

There are morning and evening tours available and if you choose an evening one, you will stop below Oia to watch the famous sunset of Santorini. During the tour, you will swim in various locations including the thermal springs, snorkel (equipment is provided) and try traditional delicacies.

A meal and unlimited drinks, towels and life jackets are included. Prices begin at €145 per person. Transfers from/to your hotel are provided as well.


Volcanic island cruise with hot springs

Boat tours offer amazing views to Santorini

This is one of the most popular and affordable boat tours in Santorini. With a starting point at Athinios port, you will sail to Nea Kameni island and walk to the volcano’s crater. Afterwards, you will get to visit Palea Kameni islet to swim in its thermal springs and Thirassia island, where you will have free time to stroll around. The next place to visit will be the village of Manolas and you can get there either by climbing stairs or by donkey-riding. It is also possible to opt for one extra activity at the end of the tour, which is sunset-watching in the picturesque village of Oia.

Pick-ups take place between 8:25 AM and 9:00 AM depending on the pick-up location you choose and the whole experience lasts between 3 and 10 hours. A bar and an audio guide will be available on the boat and prices start at €26 per person.


All-inclusive luxury Catamaran small group cruise

Luxurious details on a catamaran tour

This all-inclusive tour on a luxury Lagoon 450 catamaran will allow you to experience the best part of the Aegean Sea for approximately €170 per person. It starts at 2:45 PM, lasts 5 hours and hotel pick-ups are available for your convenience.

During the trip, you will sail around Santorini and have a few stops to swim or snorkel in the turquoise sea. In addition, you will get to visit the island’s most famous volcanic beaches, the Red Beach and the White Beach, as well as the hot springs and spend some time there relaxing.

The tour also includes a delicious barbecue meal with music on board, with a variety of traditional cuisine options and unlimited drinks. Towels, safety instructions and a map are provided, while on the catamaran you will also find shower facilities. When the excursion is over, you will be transferred back to your hotel.


Traditional boat cruise with meal

A traditional boat tour sailing around Santorini

This traditional boat cruise offers the opportunity to have fun in the Aegean, on a traditional wooden fishing boat. The tour has been designed for small groups and it costs €90 per person. It starts at 10:30 AM or 3:30 PM (depending on whether you pick the morning cruise or the sunset cruise) and lasts 5 hours, while the starting point is Vlychada Port. Hotel pick-ups and drop-offs are also available, as well as a meal and snorkelling equipment.

During the morning cruise, you are going to visit the volcanic beaches Red Beach & White Beach and then see the Volcano and swim in the healing waters of the hot springs. The next stop will be Thirassia island and the tour includes lunch before ending at Ammoudi.

If you choose the sunset cruise, you will visit Thirassia island and swim in the thermal springs of Palea Kameni before passing by some other special locations. In addition, you will have the chance to watch the Aegean’s most famous sunset before reaching Vlychada.


Small group Romantic Catamaran Cruise

Escaping from crowds on a romantic catamaran cruise

A catamaran cruise for small groups that has a 5-hour duration is the best way to admire the views at various spots in the Aegean Sea. Ticket prices start at €85 for morning cruises (10:00 AM), €95 for sunset cruises (3:00 PM) and €120 or €130 for cruises which also include towels and a meal with drinks. Hotel transfers and snorkelling gear are provided as well.

Starting at Ammoudi, the morning cruise will take you to the hot springs, the islet Aspronisi and the lighthouse. Afterwards, you will visit Mesa Pigadia Beach and swim near the volcanic Red Beach before returning to Vlychada.

The sunset tour begins in Vlychada and leads you to the Red Beach and the White Beach where you can swim or snorkel. Next, you will head towards the lighthouse, swim in the thermal springs and go to Eptapedes to watch the romantic sunset. The cruise ends at Ammoudi.


5-hour Catamaran cruise with meal and drinks

Sailing the Aegean sea on a catamaran

This 5-hour luxury catamaran cruise is a great opportunity to explore the coastline of Santorini. The prices start at around €95 per person and you may also choose a cruise option that includes a barbecue meal and cocktails. Depending on your preferences you can choose between a cruise that starts at 10:00 AM and one that starts at 2:30 PM. The starting point is Vlychada and the first stop is going to be at the Red Beach for a swim. Afterwards, you will get to see the Indian Rocks and the Venetian Lighthouse, spend time at the thermal springs and swim at a private beach on Palea Kameni islet. If you choose the sunset cruise, you will depart after dinner and watch the sun setting on board in the sea. Hotel transfers are offered and snorkelling gear and towels are provided. A tour guide will also be there.


Volcanic Sunset tour

Explore the volcano and enjoy the sunset on a boat tour

During this sunset cruise, you will have the opportunity to go on a trip with a Traditional Greek caique boat made of wood in order to visit the volcano (Nea Kameni island) and the thermal springs (Palea Kameni islet). The cruise lasts between 6-8 hours and the ticket prices start at €52 per person. A pick-up from your hotel is available and the cruise includes a glass of wine, snacks and a dinner on the boat around sunset time (if you choose this option). The trip begins at Athinios Port and ends below the village of Oia, allowing you to experience the magical sunset of Santorini on board!


Santorini Sunset Fishing Trip with Dinner and Drinks

Take an alternative tour on a fishing boat

A fishing trip is an amazing opportunity to experience the authentic island life and spend time exploring around the Aegean Sea! This traditional fishing boat tour is for small groups and it lasts approximately 5.5 hours, for €130 per person.

It starts at 2:30 PM and the meeting point is at the port of Vlychada. During the tour, you will have a chance to learn about traditional fishing methods and also try them out yourself. Several stops at various volcanic beaches are included so that you can swim and snorkel in the sea.

When fishing is over, you will be able to help prepare the fish that has been caught if you wish to, have a dinner with unlimited drinks, listen to traditional music and watch the sunset on board. Fishing and snorkelling equipment is offered, as well as towels, safety instructions and first-aid kits.


Last but not least, if you feel more adventurous, you can always explore the volcano and the beaches at your own pace on a jet ski tour. It is considered one of the best selling activities on the island!

Before you go, check out the map with the boat itineraries in Santorini.

Illustrated map of boat tours in Santorini

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